The first animal who actually shows up in THE CAPITAL ZOO is Churchill, Kissinger’s companion penguin.

Dr. Eliza Lindeman, the zoo’s head veterinarian and our fair heroine, examines Churchill at the beginning of his own chapter (called “Churchill On Guard”).

I love the kids’ book AND TANGO MAKES THREE, and as soon as I wrote my first penguin on that very first day, I knew I wanted Kissinger to have a gay mate and for them to have a chick together.

I especially love the first line of that book: “In the middle of New York City there is a great big park called Central Park.”

It just occurred to me that TANGO is another story (albeit a very different kind) about animals in a city zoo facing adversity (albeit in a very different way). I wonder if there’s a cool place in the big literary world in the sky where all the fictional big-city gay penguins get to relax together and swim in endless pools of icy water and eat all the herring they want…