… is another chapter title from THE CAPITAL ZOO, although right now I’m thinking of my own very vivid dream from last night.

Unfortunately, it did not involve a chinchilla. It DID involve Dave Eggers, indirectly.

In my dream, his agent called me and asked me to call him back. His name was Robert, and I was very excited, but I was on a boat of some kind and couldn’t find a phone. The boat was very well-apportioned, with a swanky bar at the bottom that I was sure would have a phone, but no. My iPhone didn’t work; my husband’s cell phone (which in real life is made out of some sort of military-grade industrial weirdness) was, in that classic dream logic, too slippery to be used on a boat.

I woke up feeling very excited about Robert, but also anxious that I couldn’t reach him and concerned he’d think I was a flake for being on a swanky boat instead of calling him back.

Not really sure what to do with that. Perhaps my subconscious is telling me I would really like to find an agent, which my conscious mind is already perfectly aware of, thank you. Maybe it means I should go look up whether Dave Eggers still has an agent? If he does, and if the agent’s name is Robert, I’m querying him.

In the spirit of Eggers’ concluding line from the introduction to A HEARTBREAKING WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUS (“here is a picture of a stapler”), here is a picture of a chinchilla: