Blogging from ye olde iPhone right now, via the WordPress app, which is quite simple and elegant. It’s amazing how much of a mixed blessing this phone has turned out to be… on one hand, I love the feeling of connection that the Internet brings; I have always been an unapologetic fan of being connected in whatever way feels right to any individual, and I always will be.

On the other hand, I find that this phone requires me go have so much more willpower than most other things in my life.

I just spent six hours in the car, alone, driving from Ithaca to Baltimore. It rained almost every second of the entire drive, and, god bless the greater DC metro area, traffic was at a standstill the moment I hit the Baltimore beltway. Red taillights and gray skies stretching for miles.

It took pretty much every ounce of willpower I possess NOT to check Twitter, my email, my text messages, etc. etc. For the half-hour I was crawling along. Fortunately, my overwhelming fear of police officers & breaking rules prevailed & I didn’t touch the phone, but it was definitely an exercise of will.

I read an article recently that claimed self-control is a finite resource, and that if you use it all up on foolish things, you’re left with nothing for the important decisions, so here’s hoping that I’m not asked to choose between vanilla and chocolate tonight.

Back to regularly scheduled musings on tomorrow! This is a hot chocolate (vanilla?) night if ever there was one.