During NaNoWriMo, the Internet became my worst enemy.

Twitter and Google Reader were my particular vices; I have trouble having a computer in front of me without near-constant checking of both of them. Normally, I’m a good multitasker, and both of those vices actually help me with my job — they keep up-to-date in quick and efficient ways, and they just generally make me feel on top of things.

When you’re trying to write 2,500 words of fiction starting at 9 p.m., after you’d already worked a full day and eaten dinner and should be settling down to knitting and chatting and movie-watching? Not so much.

Until another NaNoWriMo-er pointed me toward WriteRoom, a clever little program that essentially blacks out your screen so that all you see is this:

Brilliant, right? It worked like a charm.

A friend recently told me about OmmWriter, which I think I like even better but haven’t ponied up the $5 to buy yet. I’m a little concerned the yoga-ish music will put me to sleep, but I’m willing to risk it. Maybe it’ll be a present for NaNoWriMo 2012…