I’m still south of the Mason-Dixon line and still having a wonderful time – lots of friends & babies (& not-so-little-anymore babies) & late nights & good talks.

The conference yesterday was great & I will post more musings about it later this week, but I’ve been thinking all day about one of the most interesting & useful things I heard there. It was during the quick critique session, which was hands-down the most practical workshop of the day for me; two published writers reviewed my query letter & first few pages & gave immediate feedback.

The second woman I spoke with, who was really nice & encouraging, listened to my book’s trajectory, & wondered if maybe there was some kind if surprise that made the three agents who’ve asked to see the whole thing pass without giving any feedback.

I think there is, and now I’m thinking about doing some fairly serious revision to the first chapter to change it.

I’d really thought this novel was as good as I could possibly make it, completely ready to send it out… but now I’ve been bitten by the editing bug again and my fingers are itching to play around with that first chapter again. We shall see.