The very, very funny and self-deprecating Steve Almond (an author I hadn’t been familiar with but whose work I certainly be looking up now) said those words during the keynote address at the Baltimore Writers’ Conference on Saturday.

Here’s his sentiment in its entirety:

People quit writing because it’s too hard — too full of disappointment, rejection, self-doubt. But writing is about outlasting your doubt… about judging your decisions without judging yourself.

Nice, right?

I went to several sessions on Saturday: a technical workshop about plot, a chatty talk about social media for writers, an extended Q&A with an agent, and a quick critique session. I liked them all, for different reasons, and I just did my first-ever submission of a short story thanks to meeting someone at the quick critique.

I’m really glad I went, and that my wonderful English teaching friend H. came too. It was wonderful to see it through her eyes too. And I felt like there were a lot of people there who got it, who understood what’s both really hard and really important about writing.

Now, back to real life and back to querying…