Buddy and Pedro will be reunited by spring!

The Toronto Zoo will reunite its two gay penguins in the spring, and ironically, it could be even sooner if they get with the female penguins quickly. Poor little guys… but at least it’s being done in the name of the survival of their species, and hopefully their separation will be short-lived.

THE CAPITAL ZOO’s gay penguins are separated for a time, too. Here’s a little teaser from the first chapter:

Jenny gazed pityingly at the lone penguin in the corner and began to make her way toward it. Sy followed.

“That’s Churchill,” she said. “He and Kissinger have a chick together.”

“I didn’t realize we had those gay penguins here,” Dunlop said, surprised. Jenny looked at him, and he caught something like hostility in her expression.

“Uh, yeah. Something like 12 percent of penguins are gay. Kissinger and Churchill are bonded for life.”

Jenny’s voice went shaky, and Dunlop realized she was about to cry. Oh, come on, he thought, wishing someone else were here to pat her arm and say comforting things.