By popular demand from last week’s post asking which animals you’d like to know more about, I’ll leak a little more information about the staff.

I’ll start with the three main characters. (Well, Eliza is the main main character, but the other two are close seconds.)

Eliza Lindeman: The zoo’s head veterinarian. She’s a smartypants, a late-30s/early-40s former 4.0 student at a prestigious vet school. She’s little vain and a little insecure, but she has the proverbial heart of gold. She lives alone, she truly cares for animals, and she’s sleeping with not one but two men at work, including…

Sy Dunlop, a quintessential middle manager in charge of personnel, although he has trouble remembering his job title. He is a schlub and a putz whose wife suspects he’s fooling around, and he’s always rumpled and disgruntled. He eats fluorescent microwave rice for lunch every day and feels a constant, nagging resentment toward…

Femi Okoro, Eliza’s other paramour and the zoo’s charismatic director, who is looking to bust out of this second-rate zoo and move on to something a little more prestigious. Also a veterinarian, he’s from Nigeria and speaks with an accent that Eliza loves.

Coming up tomorrow: the supporting players!