And now for a few more of our friends. (Part one is here.)

Dinah: A senior keeper’s aide who’s been at the zoo for 30 years, seen and heard it all, and hates everything from the D.C. weather to the new Femi/Eliza leadership team.

Walter Clayton: the zoo’s head custodian and Dinah’s pal and sidekick in fed-up-ness. He thinks “I’m too old for this” at least a thousand times a day. But Walter and Dinah are good with…

… the younger staff members, including keepers’ aides Jenny (a high-strung, skinny African-American girl) and Drew (a calm, hemp-wearing hippie).

Henry Forsythe: Eliza’s favorite professor from vet school, now a retired gentleman farmer living in Virginia. He comes in as a consultant whenever she calls him and may or may not have a drinking problem.

The cast also includes police detectives, zoo keepers, keepers’ aides, custodians, concessions vendors, security guards, an overeager newspaper reporter, and a few tourists for good measure.