I promise not to make this a blog solely about penguins [editor’s note: that’s a total lie, I promise no such thing] but I think I’m in love with the eight baby penguins in Central Park:

Quite a bit of the research I did for THE CAPITAL ZOO involved watching videos of animals online, particularly on zoos’ websites. This may sound like research in a yeah, right, “research” sort of way — and I won’t argue that it was a great procrastination technique — but the wealth of information about animals that can be found online is pretty amazing, even to a librarian.

I particularly fell in love with a section San Diego Zoo’s website that features different animal blogs and offers perspectives from various zoo employees. Amazing primary-source material and such a great view into a world that’s normally closed off to mere visitors.

Kiwi! Image courtesy of the San Diego Zoo

I like to imagine Jenny, the ambitious young keeper’s aide mentioned in yesterday’s post, writing one of those blogs. I think she’d take it very seriously… although when the disappearances started, I hope she’d clam up. (But maybe she wouldn’t. Hm.)