I’m always so curious to hear how other people deal with rejection. My strategies typically include:

  1. Whining. I find it very satisfying to tell other people — mostly non-writers — how haaaaard it is to get rejected and how they don’t understaaaaaand what it feels like. I’m not sure they enjoy it quite as much.
  2. Pretending it never happened. This works surprisingly well for me, particularly if the rejection is from an agent I wasn’t particularly excited about or didn’t truly think was the perfect fit. I just hit “archive” on the message, update my Google spreadsheet (surprisingly satisfying, even when the news is bad), and banish it from my mind.
  3. Trying to take the input really seriously. This mostly happens when an agent has requested a full and gives me me something usable to work off of — but in the handful of times it’s happened, the advice has been really great and I’ve read the emails approximately 52,000 times to make sure I really absorbed it. I can quote verbatim one recent email, the one informing my current round of edits…

… which I need to get back to right now. No more procrastinating for me (but if you’d like some more, this lovely post from yet another of my favorite bloggers has some great rejection-handling strategies. I like 3 & 4 especially).