About Us

“Us”? That’s right: just me and my manuscript, “The Capital Zoo.”

About the book:

A sticky summer in Washington, DC.

A second-rate zoo with a staff that’s — well, “quirky” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

A missing penguin… and then another missing penguin…

… and the zoo is plunged into chaos and panic, until head veterinarian Eliza Lindeman decides to take matters into her own hands and figure out what’s going on.

“The Capital Zoo” is a blend of mystery and literary fiction, with a dash of humor and romance and some obsessive veterinary-related details gleaned from extensive interviews with the Chief of Wildlife & Exotic Animal Medicine at Cornell University’s vet school.

About me:

Writing has been part of my professional life ever since I’ve had a professional life. I started out as a copy editor at a free weekly newspaper in suburban D.C. and then moved to the website of the nonpartisan political magazine National Journal. I also freelanced extensively, writing book reviews and author interviews for publications including Washingtonian magazine.

I left politics behind in 2008 and moved to beautiful Ithaca, NY, to go to library school. I graduated from Syracuse University’s iSchool in 2010, and now, I’m the staff writer and editor at Cornell, and my job is to turn up the most interesting stories about libraries, librarians, and the powerful library mystique to explain to people just what we do and why.

About both of us:

I started “The Capital Zoo” in November 2009, as part of National Novel Writing Month — aka, NaNoWriMo — and wrote the entire thing, 50,000 words, in about 28 days. Not much of that first draft remains (except, oddly, the first and last sentences), but after multiple massive revisions, “The Capital Zoo” was ready to go out into the world.

And now we’re searching for an agent.

I won’t lie, this process isn’t easy. I don’t have connections to the publishing world, and I’m not a short-story writer, so I haven’t ever been published in literary magazines or won any contests. But I do believe “The Capital Zoo” is a book that people will want to read, if I can find a way to get it out there.


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